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Ready mixed concrete.

We mix, you lay.

Only pay for what you use. Concrete on tap!

Our concrete mixer comes to you, anywhere in Cornwall & Devon, and mixes your concrete there and then until you have the exact amount you need, down to the last wheelbarrow load. Or you can come to us.

Concrete calculator

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Call us on 01579 347 008 with this figure and we will be able to quote you over the phone.

  • The Greener Way to Mix Concrete
  • CO– friendly concrete
  • Minimal waste
  • Multi-drop delivery
  • Reduced fuel usage
  • Less turnaround
  • Save £££s on your order
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Never under or overestimate
  • Change specification at any time
  • Wet or dry mix no problem

Keep your costs down

Once you have the concrete you need, that’s what you pay for. Meaning you save on empty space charges and wasted concrete. Because it’s unmixed we can take the rest away.

Tell us what you need to add

We can add fibres, retarder, accelerator, waterproofer, reinforcing mesh, shoes and tying wire.

(We can also do floor screed for you, either delivered or for collection.)

Change your mix strength at anytime

We can also adjust the strength of your concrete mix at any time. Our concrete mixer lets us change the amount of water added, so if you need a dry curb mix and a wet foundation mix at the same time we can do it. Again, it’s much cheaper because there’s no need for 2 different lorries with two different loads.

It couldn't be easier

This ready mixed concrete process couldn’t make life much easier for you! We can bring our concrete-mixing lorry to your site (anywhere in Devon and Cornwall area) to mix exactly the amount of concrete or floor screed that you require; saving waste, time and most importantly – £££s!

We can cater for pump jobs and wheelbarrow jobs as well and with the lorry we have at present it’ll carry approximately 8 mtrs in total. Bigger jobs can be serviced on turnaround.

Call 01579 347 008 for more information or a competitive quote.